Written for Gun Control - Protest Plays Project

Alex, a middle school student, confronts a bully after a lockdown drill.

1 KID, Gender Neutral, any race, any size.

SHORT - DRAMA - 3 Mins.

Always for free for classroom use and competition -- just contact me first.

Production History


Development History

Reading, Gun Control Theatre Action, Minnesota Theatricals, Phoenix Theater, Minneapolis, MN, 2018.

Reading, Protest Plays Project, Nu Sass Productions at the Pinch, Washington DC, 2018.


Asher is a treasure! This monologue is one that with complete subtlety opens up a candid discussion about school shootings and the normalization of it. Here we are shown the reality of being a student nowadays and the danger that have become getting educated. Asher doesn’t waste one line!
— Nelson Diaz-Marcana
Are you reading and producing Asher Wyndham’s work? If not, why? His voice is a clarion call — Sensitive and forthright — And his plays offer genuinely new ideas and carry the action and energy necessary to sustain them. This play’s no exception. Here Wyndham captures — with a breathtaking economy — the absurdity of arming children with defense mechanisms against terror in their classrooms and the noxious routines of hyper-masculinity that creates that need. Not sure how he even does it. Just read it!
— Rachael Carnes
We all become soldiers, partners in battle, when the threat of an active shooter enters into the mix. Asher Wyndham is such a treasure— he highlights so well the new normal for students everywhere and their willingness to take that next step, to be the person who places themselves on the front lines of the blacktop. A great piece for theatres looking for pieces directly related to Gun Control or Gun Violence, or who are just looking for brilliant pieces of art that need to be staged immediately.
— Lindsay Partain
So much fear, bravery and irony out of the mouth of a middle school student - and all is believable. The fact that a child this age has thought through lockdowns and what is workable and what is nonsense speaks volumes to the mindset of a school child today. Yes, 98 pound weaklings can be heroes. Bullies can be cowards. But there are no absolutes. Wyndham thoughtfully builds a scene with great detail. You picture the lockdown drill. You hear the desk being moved. You wish they didn’t have to go through this.
— Claudia Haas