A child's ride home from school didn't go well. A monologue that addresses bullying on school buses.

KID, M/F, any race, any size

SHORT - DRAMA - 3 Mins.

Always free for classroom use, competition or audition--just make sure to contact me first.


This monologue is hugely theatrical and the effects of bullying are done without ramming a message down your throat. Instead, Wyndham shows you the aftermath. It’s highly effective and should go to drama teachers everywhere. One of the things theatre-for-youth does is foster empathy. This monologue does exactly that.
— Claudia Haas
Wow, wow, wow. In just a few moments Wyndham nails his character exquisitely and breaks your heart completely. What audience member, what parent, would be able to sit in a moment like this and not be shaken to the core? I expect this to get a LOT of production time. Elegant in its sheer simplicity, this is a four-page ballet. The excellent title will draw audiences in, the excellent writing will have them leaving the theater thoroughly affected. Some will think: My kid has had a moment like that. Others will think: Oh, god, was my kid the bully?
— Matthew Weaver
Asher Wyndham has such a clear voice through his collection of monologues and this one is no exception. A beautiful, warm, funny and heartbreaking window into bullying and its impact on a believable, articulate child. There is such a paucity of contemporary work for children — And this relatable, timely new monologue fills that niche. It would be a wonderful audition piece for any young actor, or a powerful accompaniment to a performance of short works.
— Rachael Carnes