Fawzie, a chambermaid, is having a hard time not being angry during Ramadan, especially now that the hotel is hosting an Alt-Right/White Nationalist conference.

F, Middle-Eastern, any size, 20s-early 30s.

The actor must know Arabic.

ONE ACT - DRAMEDY - 10 Mins.

This is part of Volume 2 of SOME AMERICANS: SOME MONOLOGUES.

Production History




FAWZIE is a veritable parfait of subversiveness—if you think you know this heroine, you don’t. She is naughty, she is funny, she is lewd, she is pious. And despite her contradictions, and maybe also because of them, she is the the voice of contemporary liberalism, and she will not be silenced. FAWZIE is clever and emotional and moralizing and wild. It is a monologue that speaks to the pacifist and the anarchist at war within the American left.
— Ian August
What appears to be a panicked rant is a deceptively well-structured and powerful narrative about oppression-triggered trauma. While cleaning a hotel room rented by members a Neo-Nazi conference, Fawzie discovers a disturbing artifact. The fear and eruption of word it inspires comes from a terror as global and historic as it is intimate. A tour de force for the actor. Bravo!
— Scott Sickles
I really love how human this character is, and how theatrical she might be on stage - not to make light of any of what she is dealing with - but because she is struggling enormously, and I find the level of difficulty, the struggle itself, is brilliant. It is something we can all relate to, whoever we are. This is the whole purpose of theatre, and I am thrilled with what Wyndham is doing!
— Emma Goldman-Sherman