Janey is a Vikings fan and she's ready for Super Bowl week. An entire week of sex in houses around Minneapolis. She wants to make sure she gets paid what she deserves--so she can provide for her baby.

F, Any race, any size, 20s-30s

ONE-ACT - DRAMA - 10 Mins.

Part of the second volume of SOME AMERICANS: SOME MONOLOGUES.

Production History


Development History

An unflinching character study of a sex worker. A tiny slice of life that tells a massive story of a new mother fighting for survival. Specific, honest, uncomfortable. Dense material for a talented young actress.
— Ben Rosenblatt
Wyndham’s work is daring and uncomfortable — exactly the sort of theatre I want to see. Here, as with his other work, he digs deep into a moment of life; in this case, a moment in the life of a sex worker and new mom. I love Janey: I love her fierceness, her unflinching anger, and her drive. This is powerful theatre: putting names to the nameless in our culture and giving us a venue to hear their stories, maybe for the first time. A terrific, challenging role for an actress.
— Jordan Elizabeth Henry
Asher Wyndham should be taught at university and drama schools. Every acting teacher I’ve known and studied with tried to get us to this sort of place. Wyndham is fearless and versatile. His monologues share, easily in my mind, the same territory of the best works from Spalding Gray, Sarah Kane, Ntozake Shange, and Sam Shepard, I’ll even say Tony Kushner. He is investigative in a way few dramatists dare. He really does have the artistic flight of, say, Tennessee Williams. Here, in ‘Janey’, he communicates specific problems of class and society Drama is often uncomfortable with. Listen.
— RIcardo Soltero-Brown