Mandy Brewster's boyfriend has a freeride through college because he signed up for the National Guard. She doesn't know what to do: accept it and stay with him or break up with him. 

F, TEEN, any race, any size.

SHORT - COMEDY - 5 Mins.

Always free for classroom use, for competition and audition--just make sure to contact me first.

Mandy’s monologue gives us an accurate glimpse of rural America, their future and the National Guard as a lifeline. It’s a moving portrayal of a young woman who understands what awaits her boyfriend - better than he does. He is working out to get ripped. But she is researching the chances of him coming home in one piece. There’s a debate raging whether or not the National Guard should be called to active duty abroad or attend only to national emergencies. Wyndham’s monologue gets into the thick of things.
— Claudia Haas
The cost of war is steep. And 18-year-old Mandy has a very mature perspective on the matter, as she frets about the safety of her boyfriend, who decides to enlist for a free ride to college. “I just waited in the truck, watching him through the glass of the recruitment center.” Wyndham’s monologue shows us how insulated the rest of us are from the horrors of combat, and how it’s not a game for those willing to take a chance. Another gem in his ever-growing arsenal of solo pieces for younger actors.
— Greg Burdick
A monologue that captures the inner turmoil of a young woman facing a problem so many in rural and impoverished America face. It questions the price of finally escaping the small town life. It stares at the dangers and realities and asks an honest question that too few people who are in relationships with those serving, would dare to ask in public. Asher Wyndham approaches that question and finds an artful way of posing the question. A great and arresting monologue.
— Franky Gonzalez