Mini, a Mexican-American girl, tells you (her classmates) why she recently moved to California from Arizona. Perfect monologue for a girl 7-10. 

1 GIRL, Latinx, any size.

SHORT - DRAMA - 2 Mins.

Published in One on One: Playing with a Purpose, Monologues for Kids 7-15, edited by Stephen Fife, from Applause Theatre & Cinema Books, 2013.

Always free for classroom use and free to perform -- just contact me first.

Wyndham proves once again how far ahead of the game he is. Here with a play that should be included in, not only collections for young actors, but monologue anthologies, and short-form dramatic evenings of socially-conscious works, Wyndham taps into what’s important for a child. This work is so immediate that you will, and well should, forget about everything else. That is what’s so integral to the piece: the willingness to listen to a marginalized child’s naïve, subjective, objective, intelligent, canny, and seriously simple experience of a more-than-necessarily complicated country. Wyndham is an American playwright in the best sense.
— Ricardo Soltero-Brown