Miss Understood, the Glamazon of Flint, Michigan, is the birthday entertainment for her 5-year old nephew. In the course of the monologue, she entertains you, her gurlfriends, with her dance moves and her fondness for the X-Men mutant Bishop, and gives her thoughts on a variety of topics including racism, white privilege and American aggression overseas. She's fierce, fabulous, and a bit trashy.

A monologue structured like a drag show and cabaret show, with singing, dancing, politics, Pringles, drinking, and trash-talking. And also a fire-safety exercise! 

M, Drag, Black/African-American, any size, late 20s-30s.


This monologue is part of Volume 1 of SOME AMERICANS: SOME MONOLOGUES.

Production History

Professional -- Manhattan Repertory Theatre, NYC. The director was Jessica Slaght. The actor was Brandon Xavier, 2017.

Development History

Member staged reading, Playwrights' Center, Minneapolis, MN, 2017. The actor was Lamar Jefferson.

Table reading, Playwrights' Center, Minneapolis, MN, 2017.


A fun, topical monologue for a powerhouse performer. Wyndham touches on some heavy issues, all while we fall in love with Miss Understood and her love for her nephew Bishop. Her whispered asides are worth the price of admission. It will make you hungry for Pringles and cupcakes, and also help you feel safer in the event of a fire. Wyndham provides a personal, heartfelt look at the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, while delivering a lovely image of our heroine lifting birthday boy Bishop up so he can adorn her walls with drawings of rainbows, snakes and submarine sandwiches.
— Matthew Weaver