Praise and Shameless Self-Promotion

Many of my plays have been recommended multiple times on New Play Exchange (NPX), a script management system that allows its users -- literary managers, agents, playwrights, directors and other theatre artists -- to read plays and make connections.

You're welcome to visit my page on NPX or learn more about my plays on my website.

Below are some recommendations:

 Asher Wyndham should be taught at university and drama schools. [...] Wyndham is fearless and versatile. His monologues share, easily in my mind, the same territory of the best works from Spalding Gray, Sarah Kane, Ntozake Shange, and Sam Shepard, I'll even say Tony Kushner. He is investigative in a way few dramatists dare. He really does have the artistic flight of, say, Tennessee Williams.

--Ricardo Soltero-Brown

Asher has shown time and time again to be an expert of the short monologue format, but in here he truly shines as he tackles a full length and goes for the throat. 

-- Nelson Diaz-Marcano

Wyndham's work is daring and uncomfortable -- exactly the sort of theatre I want to see.

-- Jordan Elizabeth Henry

I want to see this show

-- Greg Burdick

Daring, daring play. Cannot use the term 'thought-provoking' enough.

-- Matthew Weaver


-- Everett Robert