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Reviews on monologues from Asher Wyndham's two collections SOME AMERICANS: SOME MONOLOGUES and other monologues:

Ricardo Soltero-Brown-

"Wyndham should not be ignored in the search for American voices."

"Asher Wyndham is quite likely the boldest and bravest writer I know committed to a complex, complicated, not quite antiquated form, he over and over again proves its relevance and effect."


Greg Burdick-

"Asher Wyndham has a delightfully uncanny knack for creating memorable monologues."


Nelson Diaz-Marcano-

"Asher has shown time and again to be an expert."


THE PLATYPODES (formerly ALLEGRA GRAY), a full-length play:

Kelly McBurnette-Andronicos: 

"This play is a microcosm of political and ethical angst manifesting among a tight community of diverse inhabitants with divergent but defendable points of view. There is no easy way out of this story, which makes for some heart wrenching theatre."


Nelson Diaz-Marcano-

" he truly shines as he tackles a full length and goes for the throat. An incredible character study of both our people and the hypocrisy of our society."


Matthew Weaver:

“ Heartwrenching, full of complications and ultra topical. Tackles controversy head-on, never flinches, even if the characters do. Characters are well-drawn, multi-dimensional, and Wyndham allows them to not be sympathetic.  [...] Cannot use the term 'thought-provoking' enough.  ”


David C. Tucker:

“ Wyndham's play is smart, sharp, and thought-provoking. His distinctive characters face moral choices, and respond to them in ways that will captivate and engage an audience. The playwright grabs your attention from the opening scene, and never lets go.  ”


Philip Middleton Williams:

“ This play moves breathtakingly fast but still does a fine job of fully developing the characters and relationships. The pace sweeps you along and you genuinely get to understand the people, the story, and the achingly difficult choices they face.  ”


Arthur M Jolly:

“ This is a huge, sprawling play - a drama of scope, both in its subject matter and its deep understanding. If you are looking for a play that sweeps your audience up and carries them along on an emotional ride, I recommend reading this one. Mid-size cast, with some powerful roles for strong actors.  ”


Hope Villanueva:

“ Wyndham has created a story of a very personal choice that moves with an exciting pace and a mix of characters not normally thrown into this kind of plot. Allegra has a rich and complexly human life and has to weigh so many things that it seems almost impossible to put herself first. A play about the struggle between what the world thinks you should do and listening to your own truths.  ”


Ian Thal:

“Wyndham's play avoids simple moralizing, rather dealing with how individuals must navigate the myriad balance ethical demands they can only face on their own. ”


Jean Hartley Sidden:

“ Wyndham has a gift for detail as he eloquently examines every aspect of one of our world's most controversial subjects. His play is populated with damaged yet loving characters all trying their best to do what is right. The play is current, important and boldly political.  ”


Diana Burbano:

“ Riveting. An extremely difficult topic handled with realism and wit.  ”