Sammy, a disabled thrift store worker with Down syndrome and cerebral palsy, sanitizes donated toys in a sheltered workplace. It's not an ordinary day, it's a big day: Sammy will meet with the Boss about his/her performance and argue for a raise. 

A monologue about segregated sheltered workplaces for the disabled and the slave labor of disabled workers who make less than federal minimum wage. 

M/F, any race, any size. The playwright recommends an actor with cerebral palsy and/or Down syndrome.

SHORT - DRAMA - 4 Mins.

This monologue is part of Volume 2 of SOME AMERICANS: SOME MONOLOGUES.

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Wow. I can recommend this, having been lugged around thrift stores throughout my childhood and still visiting them. Wyndham catches an earnestness rarely found in contemporary American writing. This is a great monologue for almost any actor, really. A part with a heart. Also - the play focuses attention on the plight of workers in modern, decaying America. Bravo!
— Bryan Stubbles