A hilarious monologue on laziness.

Just perfect for competition or audition.

Contact me before using.

M/F, any race, any size, 20s-early 30s.

SHORT - COMEDY - 3 Mins.

There is a gay version of this monologue.

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Development HIstory


Exactly how my inner-demons sound— that ending *note about cereal made me belly-laugh! A funny three-stooges type monologue that would be SO much fun to watch and/or perform. A great piece for any actor who really knows how to use their body.
— Lindsay Partain
Funny, poignant, heartbreaking a little bit even, Wyndham manages to capture, in two minutes, the struggle of getting up after spending all night perusing the Internet for the most benign subjects that eventually lead down into a rabbit hole. A great piece.
— Everett Robert
Who can’t relate to that early morning internal dialogue of “Get UP!” This monologue is full of instant energy from the get-go, which makes it a fun piece to watch or perform. And I love Wyndham’s embrace of whimsy.
— Kelly McBurnette-Andronicos
A very silly and funny short monologue. The style of the “dialogue” reminded me a bit of Robert Askins’ “Hand to God.” I can see an actor having a lot of fun with this piece at an audition or competition.
— Steve Hayet
A fun and funny monologue for deft physical and vocal comedians. Lots of ways to play it. Definitely something “creative personalities,” insomniacs and the easily distracted can relate to.
— Scott Sickles