A work-in-progress

The selection includes for now the following monologues.

Click on the links for samples!

My plan is to have enough monologues for a director/artistic director to make their own choices.

Work for older actors will be added!

BARSHA BADAL - Hotel owner, mother, Indian, any size, 30s

VALERIE - Cos-Player, Any race, any size, early 20s

SANDY - Supercenter employee, any race, any size, 20s-30s

COACH BECKY - Little League T-Ball coach, Any race, any size, 20-30s

ELLA-BELLA - Children's librarian, any race, any size, 20-30s

ZOEY - High schooler, any race, any size

MANDY BREWSTER - High school graduate, any race, any size

JANEY - Sex-worker, mother, any race, any size, 20s-30s

KEEYA 2.5 - System programmer/test, mother, any race, any size, 30s

FAWZIE - Chambermaid, Arab/Middle-Eastern, speaks some Arabic, any size, 20-30s

If produced around in December-January, then this monologue can be added:

JOCELYN - Homeless mother, any race, any size, 20s-30s