Asher's words are a scream for attention from his characters! They teether in madness. They are people that are trying to do good, but the world punishes them for it. They go through the right path and then get attack by our new reality. 

--Nelson Diaz-Marcano


Wyndham's work is daring and uncomfortable -- exactly the sort of theatre I want to see.

-- Jordan Elizabeth Henry


Asher Wyndham is quite likely the boldest and bravest writer I know, committed to a complex, complicated, not quite yet antiquated form, he over and over again proves its relevance and effect. 

--Ricardo Soltero-Brown




A collection of American voices, rural and urban, low-to-middle class. Comedic and dramatic, active and physical, some with audience participation.The monologues take place at a motel in Nebraska, a Knights of Columbus, a Cosplay convention, a Renaissance Fair, a front yard in Arizona, and a park in Flint, Michigan.The characters have political, cultural, sexual and racial differences, but they all have something in common: they are Americans struggling, questioning, and dreaming, and hoping for a better life. 

If you're interested in creating you're own evening of theatre from chosen plays from Volumes 1 and 2, let me know.

This volume contains the following monologues which are clickable for more information and samples:

BARSHA BADAL - F/Indian-American/Any size, 30s.

YOUNG VETERAN ADAM AMERSON - M/White/Any size, late 20s-early 30s.

VALERIE: A COSPLAY MONOLOGUE F/Any race/Any size, early 20s.

DON PONZO!!! - M/Any race/Any size, late 20-30s.

MISS UNDERSTOOD - 1M/Black/African-American/Any size, late 20s-30s.

MANNY AQUINO - M/Latinx/Any size, 30s.

Production History

Many of these plays have been produced, but haven't produced as an evening of theatre. Click on each title above FOR production info.

Development History

Many of these plays have received development. Click on each title above for more info.

As a whole, this volume has received the following development:

Member Stated Reading - Playwrights' Center, Minneapolis, MN, 2017.

Table Reading - Playwrights' Center, Minneapolis, MN, 2017.