"I'm not some illustrator's wet dream."

Valerie, a Cos-Player, isn't taking shit from the male participants at the convention center. This year she's bringing pepper-spray and a new kick-ass costume. 

F, any race, any size, early 20s.

ONE ACT - DRAMEDY - 10-13 Mins.


Production history

Professional, Boxfest Detroit, Planet Ant Theatre, Hamtramck, MI, 2017. DIRECTED BY AMANDA EWING. THe ACTOR WAS NYJAE MARIA.


Member Stage Reading, Playwrights' Center, Minneapolis, 2017. THe actor was Khadija Siddiqui.

READING, Playwrights' Center, Minneapolis, MN, 2017. 

READING Wordsmyth Theater Company, at MATCH, Houston, TX, 2017.

This is an all-out 10-minute assault for a female actor; a real workout. Says what it needs to, and says it loud and in your face. Especially now as the voices of the women who have been disrespected, from scuzzy comments to physical abuse, are now making themselves more front-and-center, this is a good choice to include in a repertoire or production. Well done.
— George Sapio
“Valerie” - the play and character - challenges the culture of sexual assault in our society. Talking to peers at a comic con, Valerie is so done with this toxic male bullshit. The show is uncomfortable, bold, and funny. A quick ten minutes, “Valerie” is a call to action.
— Amanda Ewing, Artistic Director at Boxfest Detroit
I am in love with Valerie!! We need more of these types of badass ladies in all forms of media (especially at this particular moment in time) and I know I would LOVE to see this produced immediately. Viva La Valerie!
— Sharai Bohannon
She’s bold. She’s brash. And she’s had enough of your crap. Valerie is ready to lay the smack down on the stare-too-longs, touchy-feelies, and creepy lurkers on a Con-floor near you. Best beware: she’s sounding the trumpet call... ready to arm her kindred Sisters, gearing up for what will be an epic crusade. Wyndham equips his heroine with wild fervor, sporting a sharply comic edge. Loved it! Step aside, please, Wonder Woman. Mothers of Mace, assemble!!!
— Greg Burdick
Lying just underneath the pop culture references and the literally ass-kicking actions of our heroine Valerie - and there are many examples of both! - is the harshness, stupidity and cruelty that she has faced. As a true heroine, however, she doesn’t back down and instead is ready to fight for herself and, as she offers guidance to an unseen character, others. “Valerie: A Cosplay Monologue” offers a rich character for actors, one filled with an adventurous spirit, rage, fierce self-esteem, joy, and wisdom learned at far too young an age.
— Steven G. Martin
This is a poignant work that needs to be produced as soon as possible. Quick, clever, powerful, funny! Wyndham manages to touch a raw nerve exposed in society while making you feel comfortable with an uncomfortable subject. This is not easy to accomplish, to be able to carry the message without sacrificing entertainment the way he did. It’s bold and it hurts, and you have such love for the character that speaks in it. Bravo.
— Nelson Diaz-Marcano
There is gutsiness here, sadness and feminism. Here’s a woman who is primed for attacks - verbal and physical - because she is a female who participates in cosplay. Vulnerable and steely, Valerie is a role of many layers offering an actress a delicious role with many notes.
— Claudia Haas
It’s so much fun and extremely poignant. A lot of fun for a female performer and perfect for anyone who enjoys pop culture.
— Gina Femia